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S&S Specialists are specialized in providing quality finishing works,
fit outs, HVAC systems, Concrete repair, Strengthening and waterproofing works.

Commercial Properties

Blockwork & Plastering, Rendering

S&S Specialists have gained immense experience in quality and speedy construction of all kinds of blockworks. Our business model enables us to undertake full subcontract works for interiors once the contractor has completed the structural works.

S&S Specialists can undertake all kind of plaster works, coordinating with leading plaster manufacturers and providing state-of-the-art machinery for quality & speedy construction.

Real Estate

Interior & Exterior Paintwork

S&S Specialists has gained immense knowledge and experience in interiors painting all over GCC. We pride ourselves in painting at a high quality that sets us apart from others. Our goal is always to provide a high quality product complete Client satisfaction. Be it a commercial building, a residential villa or a one-off room, you can trust us to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Specialists has the knowledge and expertise to ensure a quality exterior painting project. A quality exterior paint job protects the building from moisture, wind and especially summer sun. Be it a commercial building, a residential villa or a re-paint in a maintenance project, you can hire Specialists and trust us to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Commercial Properties

HVAC Systems

Whether it be a local system serving only a single zone or a central system serving multiple zones, Specialists has knowledge and experience to procure, install and commission the systems for existing or new buildings.

Our services include:

Real Estate

Residential & Commercial Fit Outs

S&S Specialists specialize in fit-outs of Offices, Showrooms, Malls, Restaurants, factories and luxury shops.

We employ Graduate Engineers, Architects, HVAC Engineers and Electrical Engineers who understand pre-approvals to start works, coordination and space planning requirements to ensure safe, quality product with a focus on On-Time delivery.

Our engineering approach enables us to avoid unnecessary delays which can occur due to lack of knowledge of municipality requirements, civil defense, health, safety and other statutory requirements.

We provide start-to-end services starting from design, planning, approvals, execution, commissioning and handover to Client.

Commercial Properties

Roofing & Flooring Systems

Specialists provides unravelled expertise in the roofing and flooring sector. We have highly trained installation teams supported actively by an experienced management to ensure Client satisfaction and compliance to specifications.

Specialists can provide a thorough assessment of the project and recommend an ideal solution, be it a new construction, refurbishment or repair job.

Our services include:

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Concrete Repair

Deterioration of concrete is a big challenge and a major concern for structures and utilities owners especially when it reaches an advanced stage and starts causing an increase in shutdown and replacement costs and creates a safety hazard for the occupants.

S&S Specialists with the aid of it’s advanced technologies, utilizes state-of-the-art materials, repair methods, tools and trained engineers to repair and restore concrete surfaces and structures.

Commercial Properties

Structural Strengthening

Many structures that originally were constructed for a specific use and loading level now are being renovated or upgraded for a different application that may require higher load-carrying capacity. As a result of these higher load demands, existing structures need to be reassessed and may require strengthening to meet heavier load requirements.

S&S Specialists have developed capabilities to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution including
Investigate – Design – Supply – Build capabilities.

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Structural Waterproofing - Existing Structures

Water can leak into and out Of structures. Reasons for this can be cracks, failed joints and even through permeable substrates. Once identified, if not treated, further problems can occur including the corrosion Of reinforcement, thus resulting in durability issues and consequential loss Of a usable area within a  structure.

S&S Specialists collaborate with solution providers and provides comprehensive solution for all your basements, wet areas and roofing water leakages and durability issues.

Our services are as follows.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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