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The vacuum kit is supplied in a blister pack Moreover, such a defect is present on all gaskets Therefore, when extracting plant materials, it is important that the selected solvent (extractant) penetrates into the pores and dissolves the necessary substances – this process is called percolation. From the point of view of medicine, cranberry is an amazing berry, in Russia it was called the “northern lemon”. But how does the vacuum affect the infusion process? Well, according to tradition: take care of yourself, buy high-quality alcohol in trusted stores, or learn from my experience and then alcohol will not only be harmful, but also a little useful, the main thing is to know By the same principle, the usual infusion occurs, but the effect of vacuum speeds up the process several times.

Vacuum kit “VAKS” 82B. Preparing cranberry tincture according to the Brazilian system

Why all of a sudden in the Brazilian system? Do you remember the story from the jumble with Vladimir Sychev, when he decided to quickly turn his school friend into an extra-class goalkeeper in the Brazilian system in just three days? We will need even less, in just three hours we will prepare a beautiful and fragrant cranberry tincture. Cranberries are one of the most pleasant berries for making tinctures.
Using a sharp knife, I carefully cut off the ledge and the lid began to hold tightly. Literally in three hours we get ready-to-use cranberry tincture.
The set consists of a manual vacuum pump and 9 different-colored vacuum caps. After
What is already happening is the mass transfer of substances into the bulk of the extracting liquid – this process is called maceration. Some of the biologically active substances are in the raw material in a dissolved state inside the cells, maxmaturecams and some are on the cell walls.
Let’s move on to practical exercises. We can do it in three hours and do without any filtering. This design ensures the tightness of the entire system. For medicinal purposes, cranberry is used as an antipyretic, diuretic and bactericidal agent. I carefully examined the lid and saw the reason – during the manufacture of the gasket, a tubercle remains from pouring silicone into the mold, due to which the tightness is broken.
Three hours is not the limit, but the minimum sufficient time to prepare the tincture under vacuum, you can hold more.
Its secret is in a thin silicone ring, laid in a groove along the outer side at the end of the pump and a piston with a silicone seal. It has a rich beautiful color and delicious aroma. It is for canning and storage of products that such kits have been used for a long time, but few people know that they speed up the process of preparing tinctures.
Air outlet is provided by a silicone one-way valve located in the center of the lid We will need: We, unlike the heroes of jumble, will not have to break windows and engage in other hooliganism, the speed of the process will be ensured by the vacuum canning kit “VAKS” 82B.
The reverse side contains comprehensive information about the purpose of the product and its consumer qualities The berries are quite large and reach 1.6 cm in diameter. 1. ice cream It contains a huge amount of citric and quinine acid, the fruits are rich in vitamins C, B1, B2, B5, B6, PP and the rarer vitamin K1, in which they are not inferior to cabbage and strawberries. The pump is also plastic, collapsible Then it remains to separate the berries and bottle the tincture, in this form it can be stored for an unlimited amount of time, but take my word for it, having tried it once, it will not last long. Cranberries grow in damp places throughout almost the entire northern part of Russia, in particular in the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. It can also be stored fresh in barrels filled with water – this way it is stored until the next harvest. The deeper the vacuum, the stronger the maceration process, so we periodically repeat the pumping. To prepare a classic cranberry tincture, you need two weeks of time and crushed cranberries, which then also need to be carefully filtered. It ripens in September, but easily tolerates frost and can retain its original appearance until spring.
If the lid is used for long-term preservation, the gasket may stick to groove, a special slot in the side of the lid will help to pull it out In chemistry, this is called vacuum extraction – the process of extracting active substances from plant materials under the influence of a vacuum environment. From the very first strokes of the pump, a rapid process of percolation begins with simultaneous maceration and intense release of juice from the berries. It is quite obvious that the absence of oxygen has a very positive effect on the storage of products, since oxidative processes are possible only if it is present, which means that products will deteriorate much more slowly.
Including detailed instructions for use Simply put, by creating a vacuum in a container with tincture, we free the pores of the berry from air and replace them with an alcohol solution.
Plastic cone-shaped caps with a diameter of 82 mm for a standard glass jar without a thread.
silt on the neck, changed the jar, but everything repeated again.

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